»How can we best communicate the value of Design Research?« Being part of Design Research Works by Dr. Joseph Lindley → Click here for more…


»The world is in need of the unique perspectives Design Research can offer. Moreover, we recognise that while Design Research is ‘alive and kicking’, for newcomers to the field value of Design Research, the distinction between epistemologies, methods, and applications can be hard to disentangle. From this position, we wish to explore the possible future of the field and consider what actions would lead Design Research to becoming more ubiquitous.«

Dr. Joseph Lindley

I am part of the steering committee for Design Research Works, the mighty interdisciplinary Post Doc project of the fabulous Dr. Joseph Lindley at Imagination Lancaster in the United Kingdom. Design Research Works invites to conversations about the value of Design Research, hosts the fantastic interactive and collaborative questions & answer portal QuBr, does field work with international Design Research studios, and invites fellow design researchers to Jamborees, to answer the question: »How can we best communicate the value of Design Research?«.

Screenshot of QuBr
QuBr is one of the many amazing modes of inquiring into the many layers of the question: What is Design Research? In QuBr fellow design researchers try to answer this question, and in so doing, raise new question for fellow design researchers. You can become part of this too at